Persian Rugs

For Hire

Our Vintage Persian Rug hire truly enhances the final touches of any boho or vintage aesthetic, adding a warm ambience and relaxed setting for either a show stopping Persian rug aisle or complementing chilled seating areas for your guests.

Ruby - Rich Red

165 x 90cm (Small)

Farah – Red & Cream

170 x 120cm (Medium)

Bodhi - Red

185 x 120cm (Medium)

Azar - Pale Red

195 x 120cm (Medium)

Sari - Rich Salmon

190 x 120cm (Medium)

Shiraz - Red

205 x 90cm (Medium)

Riah - Red


Persian Runner - Red

380 x 110cm (Large)

Jasper - Deep reds

216 x 158cm (Large)

Sheepskin Rugs

£5.00 each (6 available)
120 x 81cm

Amber Velvet Cushions

Set of 2 £6.00
Diameter: 42cm

Aisle Package

If you’re looking to line your aisle in Persian rugs to add that true Boho aesthetic, we offer a rug aisle package of 6 mix matched Vintage Persian rugs.

Persian Rug Package
£90.00 (Includes 5X medium + 1X large)

*Enquire for bespoke package, we have a large variety to choose from.