Reclaimed Wood

For Hire

Our reclaimed wooden prop hire offers a variety of items that enhance any rustic or vintage type styling. Offering earthy tones and natural textures, you can create a cosy atmosphere. Out with the new and in with the old.

Wooden Crates

Set of 3 £10.00
(3 sets available)
Small: 20 x 32cm
Medium: 25 x 40cm
Large: 33 x 48cm

Reclaimed Trestle Table

(Sweetheart Table)

£40.00 (Includes setup)

Height: 31 inch
Width: 34 inch
Length: 6 ft

Oak Barrels

£30.00 each (2 available)
Height: 90cm
Width: 56cm
Depth: 56cm

Reclaimed Bar Sign

If you’re looking to jazz up the bar area, add these rustic styled letters. Can be used as a stand-alone display.

£40.00 (full word)
Height: 102cm
Width: 200cm (total)
Depth: 6cm (excluding fold out stand)

Reclaimed Love Sign

Our rustic LOVE sign can be used as part of any display, please note it is not a stand-alone. They need to be leant or secured upright.

£40.00 (full word)
Height: 65cm
Width: 174cm (total)
Depth: 3cm

Vintage Step Ladders

£20.00 each (2 available)
Height: 179cm
Width: 38cm
Depth: 120cm
Depth of steps: 11.5cm
Gap between steps: 23.5cm
Height: 158cm
Width: 36cm
Depth: 100cm
Depth of steps: 9cm
Gap between steps: 22cm

Reclaimed Wooden Easels (Large)

£20.00 each (2 available)
Height: 170cm
Width at Top: 42cm
Width at Bottom: 76cm
Depth: 83cm

Reclaimed ‘Seating Plan’ Board

£15.00 (board only)
Height: 100cm
Width: 85cm